Meet the Team

Ownbeat Creatives are a modern design company based in York. We take a personal approach and pride ourselves on exceptional customer care.

The heart of Ownbeat Creatives isn’t our mission statement or business plan. It’s the  staff who make Ownbeat tick, and each one of us is here to make you happy. So we thought we'd introduce ourselves...

The Boss Cats

Jennifer Clayton - Head of Content Development

Jen is a copywriter and her words pack a punch. Whatever your product, whoever you’re appealing to, she can find the tagline on the tip of your tongue. That's why she's been hired (and re-hired) by a host of prestigious clients for their national ad campaigns.

Jen's  understanding of consumer psychology helps her to strike a chord with an audience. Clients turn to her to match their message to a diverse and sophisticated customer base.

Since her first ‘dial up’ internet connection, Jen has enjoyed working for online projects. In the last few years she has up-skilled from a general copywriter to a specialist in online content.  At Ownbeat, Jen heads up our content development team. It's her job to ensure your site is sending the right messages to keep your visitors coming back.

Kieran Hazell - Head of Design

Kieran is the boss cat for the design end of Ownbeat Creatives.  He's a graphic and website designer who has worked with a range of international buisnesses as well as clients from the third and public sector. Whatever your project, Kieran can package it to reflect your core values, appeal to your target audience and get jaws dropping.

As head of our design team, Kieran ensures that all Ownbeat work is in line with our design principles, which are  more than pretty pictures. Slick graphics can help you stand out, but our priority is to create designs that are user friendly: helping your audience to feel good about your product or services.

The Ownbeat Creatives

When building websites, Jen and Kieran head up a team of internet specialists.  The wider Ownbeat team is made of creative professionals with expertise in on-line technology:

  • Writers
  • Website Designers
  • Visual Artists
  • Photographers
  • Computer Programmers

Together, we make eye-catching websites with real personality that set you apart from the crowd.

If you want to join the Ownbeat team - check out our vacancies page, or subscribe to our online networks for notification of when we are hiring.

Speak to Me

If you want to speak with either of our creative directors, drop them an email:

Jennifer Clayton (Content, SEO and Marketing )

Kieran Hazell (Graphic Design and Multimedia)

You can also get in touch via our dedicated contact form, or through our social networks.